In the Spring of 2015, I needed to find a bookkeeper to assist me due to my LLC being accepted by the IRS as an S-Corp. for tax purposes.  Although I was a Petroleum Engineer with over 25 years of industry experience at that time, I felt it would be best to have my accounting needs handled by an experienced bookkeeper.  Online research led me to Susan Commins and All About Accounting.  After personally meeting with Susan and reviewing the bookkeeping requirements I needed, I hired her to be my business bookkeeper for my LLC/S-Corp.  She has done a great job for the past three years since that original meeting, and it has been a very positive business relationship.  Susan's expertise in QuickBooks made the monthly payroll process seamless, and she was very good about communicating when payroll taxes were paid each month.  She also handled the Fed. & State quarterly payroll forms for my business efficiently and timely.  In addition to the responsibilities already listed above, Susan always provided me the monthly Balance Sheets and P&L statements, which were especially critical at year-end in preparation for annual tax filings for the S-Corp. 
As a final comment, considering the value that Susan added to my business, I would deem her services as extremely cost-effective.

R. Michael Collom - Manager/Owner Singletrack Petroleum Consulting, LLC

Susan Commins provided bookkeeping services for our new start-up business, Popcorn Obsession, starting in January of 2014 (with both an ecommerce website and a brick and mortar store).  Her role was instrumental in helping me to understand the proper business processes and procedures that were required for financial and tax reporting.  Our use of cloud based tools allowed the working relationship to be very effective even though our business is in Pennsylvania and Susan is in Colorado.  I found Susan to be very responsive and flexible to all questions and requests.  I strongly recommend Susan as a very professional bookkeeper due to her knowledge, organizational skills, deep experience, willingness to provide advice as needed and above all, trustworthiness.

Roger Fox, Owner/President, Popcorn Obsession, LLC

 Susan Commins, All About Accounting LLC, referred a client to me who needed a review of her 2011 income tax return and preparation of her 2012 tax return.  This client had used multiple CPA firms over the past 10 years to provide QuickBooks bookkeeping and tax return services.  The client contacted Susan in February, 2013, and employed her to review her 2011 company file and tax return, and enter all of 2012 transactions into QuickBooks.  Susan found that the bank statements for the client’s many bank accounts, as well her multiple credit card and loan accounts, had never been correctly reconciled.  The last CPA had assured the client that he had cleaned up the QuickBooks file before preparing her 2011 return. The 2011 tax return that was filed with the IRS required the client to pay over $18,000.00 in taxes.  Susan cleaned up the company file by correcting and reconciling all bank, credit card and loan accounts, as well as the client’s Receivables, which had many errors.  She also entered and reconciled all 2012 transactions.  Susan then sent me corrected financial statements so I could file an amended 2011 tax return and prepare the 2012 return.  When I finished amending the 2011 return and prepared the 2012 tax return based on the cleaned up data, not only did the client not owe the IRS $18,000.00, the client was entitled to a combined tax refund of $48,000.00, net of the $18,000, for 2011 and 2012!  I am pleased to highly recommend Susan Commins of All About Accounting to any business that needs QuickBooks bookkeeping services.

David Steckelberg, CPA

At first, I was skeptical about hiring Susan Commins of All About Accounting LLC to take over my QuickBooks bookkeeping. I quickly found out that Susan is as fast and knowledgeable as her testimonials state.  Susan was able to clean up my books and provide accurate financial statements to me in less than two hours.  I have employed Susan to continue bi-weekly bookkeeping services.  She has proven to be very cost-effective.  Her business management expertise has also helped me to get control of my finances, to make educated financial decisions, and to grow and improve profitability, which has allowed me peace of mind about the financial management of my business.  I highly recommend Susan Commins, All About Accounting LLC, to any business owner needing expert bookkeeping and business management services.

Joe Axne, President, IT-Guru, LLC

I feel privileged to be able to write this testimonial for Susan Commins of All About Accounting LLC!  I am the treasurer for a non-profit ministry that does international relief work for the country of Uganda, Africa.  Like many non-profits, we have had various bookkeepers over the years.  Since we have a very complicated bookkeeping system which includes international transfers, child and elderly women sponsorship programs, and many different projects, we needed an excellent system of tracking and reporting our information.  Our bookkeeper at the time worked with a reputable outside accounting firm to help set up a bookkeeping system for us.   When we first noticed that things with the books were not good we hoped our bookkeeper would “fix” everything.  After a year passed, no progress was being made.  We realized that things were very wrong and found that the books were in complete disarray.  It was so bad we were unable to even reconcile our bank accounts.  The financial reports we received made no sense.  At this point, we were 2 years behind, and could not even remotely consider filing the late 990 forms.   Since we had been using Quickbooks, I found Susan who was listed as a local Quickbooks expert. 

After talking with Susan, I was extremely encouraged!  I hired her right away, and we started working together, trying to put the pieces back together in a meaningful way.  Susan proceeded to clean up the two years quickly and we were able to file our tax returns!  It turns out that the reputable accounting agency we worked with years prior set us up in a very complicated and horribly incorrect manner.  Susan was able to set us up in a very simple and clean way that was easy to understand, very proper and followed normal accounting principles.  Susan is an extremely talented bookkeeper and knows QuickBooks inside and out.  She has proven to be a Huge answer to prayer and her skills and attention to detail are exceptional.


Since then we have kept her on as our 'outsourced' bookkeeper.  What our in-house full-time bookkeeper was doing in the past (and of course incorrectly!), Susan does for us in less than 1 day per week.  Our reports are now in order, and everything is running smoothly.  Donors are so happy to have clean, accurate statements and when any problems arise Susan is able to deal with them right away and in a professional manner.  Susan continues to be diligent, quick, organized and thorough.  We are so thankful that we found her!  She is our angel.  I highly recommend her services to anyone!

Anne Dean, Treasurer, ChristAid, Inc.

Susan Commins is an excellent bookkeeper for any business.  She is extremely punctual and accomplishes an extraordinary amount of work in just a few hours.  She has a sound understanding of accounting, and is responsive to the needs of any owner.  She is capable of accomplishing her work without direct supervision, and is equally effective in a variety of work settings.  Her efforts resulted in reduced expenses and increased revenues improving my company's bottom line by $100,000.  I highly recommend Susan Commins of All About Accounting LLC.

Jim Smith, President, Redstone Venture Partners, Inc. dba CareFirst EMS

I have been a CPA for over 30 years and as such have a lot of experience with Quickbooks, bookkeepers and business accounting/finance.  Susan Commins' speed and accuracy make her a BARGAIN!  Yes, there all kinds of “supposed” Quickbooks experts, but I have yet to encounter any that are as quick, comprehensive and accurate as Susan.  Her knowledge of the Quickbooks software, her understanding of business accounting processes, her attention to detail and her energy level, allow her to quickly and efficiently produce the financial information you need to run a successful business.  I have referred my clients to All About Accounting LLC and would not hesitate to do so in the future.  I highly recommend AAA to any business using QuickBooks.

R. Neal Kohtz C.P.A. - R.N. Kohtz & Co. CPA, LLC

This letter of recommendation is for Susan Commins, All About Accounting LLC.  Susan began working with the Chamber of Commerce of Highlands Ranch in May 2006.  At that time, she cleaned up the financial records and created a system in QuickBooks that could be maintained internally to save the Chamber money.  If you need someone to set up an easy to use system, I would recommend Susan. The system she created has allowed me to easily find the answers for past financial matters and laid a foundation for maintaining the system without Susan's assistance in the future.  It's nice to have the option to continue outsourcing with Susan or maintain the system with Chamber staff.  If you need assistance putting an accounting system in place or need your system cleaned up, I would recommend you call All About Accounting.

Cindy Walters, Executive Director, Chamber of Commerce of Highlands Ranch

Susan Commins has been the full-charge  bookkeeper and business consultant for our company for over six years.  She replaced a full-time bookkeeping employee, doing much of the same work in only four to five hours a week. Susan is efficient, fast, reliable, organized and trustworthy.  I am out of town for extensive periods, and it has been such a pleasure to know Susan is in charge.  She has also been a valuable business advisor, helping me monitor income and expense trends and alerting me to potential problems.  Susan is also a very active member of the community, and has been a valuable source of information on current issues in our area.  I cannot recommend her services highly enough. 

Vonne Battistini -  President, Mountain Trails Gallery, Inc.

I am writing to express my full confidence in Susan Commins and All About Accounting LLC.  I hired Susan to take over my bookkeeping duties, including all financials and payroll responsibilities.  She has been an integral part of the growth of our business, and through her efforts and detailed work, has saved us a great deal of money.  Not only were our books in shambles when Susan was hired, but we had been utilizing a payroll service that had grossly overcharged us and had provided sloppy and incorrect payroll records.  Susan diligently reviewed each and every entry, correcting as she went along, with the end result being a refund from the payroll service and very clean, easy-to-read books that helped us to make critical business decisions. Furthermore, Susan is very direct and thorough.  She considers it a personal  mission to ensure that her client's books are completely correct with no errors.  She also is focused on education, and is never too busy to answer my questions or to educate me on the financial aspects of my business. I can confidently recommend Susan to any business who is seeking to grow, as well as those who have struggled with bookkeeping responsibilities within their company.  Susan's attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile is an asset to any company. 

Cindy Fox - President, Bridges Home Care, Inc.

During the first 10 months of my new business, I tried four different accounting firms to help me set up and customize QuickBooks so it would work in my business.  It wasn't until I hired Susan Commins from All About Accounting LLC that my books were cleaned up properly and my financial statements made sense.  Susan's speed makes her services very cost-effective and I would recommend her to anyone. 

Mark Nixon - President, Office Evolution, Inc.

My husband and I had four businesses set up in QuickBooks and had been using a QuickBooks consultant for the past several years.  When we realized that our books had not been done correctly, we hired Susan Commins of All About Accounting LLC to take over.  The first thing Susan did was to clean up our companies in order to allow our CPA to prepare our income taxes.  She then continued to work on data to provide us with correct information and Financial Statements and we have contracted with Susan to continue bookkeeping services on an ongoing basis.We have found Susan to be very efficient, dependable and conscientious.  Susan is quite knowledgeable about QuickBooks as well as accounting principles and business management. Her speed and accuracy are a great advantage to any business.  We can wholeheartedly recommend Susan Commins to any business owner using QuickBooks.

Bev Watson - Prudential Colorado Real Estate

Occasionally in business you come across a relationship that is so beneficial it is too "Good" to keep to yourself.  This has certianly happened to us in our relationship with Susan Commins.  Prior to hiring Susan's services, my bookkeeping was time-consuming for us and difficult, to put it mildly. Over the past two years, some of the benefits that Susan has provided include:

Organized office procedures including filing systems
Got a handle on accounts/payables and accounts/receivables
Improved cash management
Improved cash flow
Improved profitability
Improved control of business operations
Now can get accurate monthly financial statements
Set up memorized invoicing
Simplified income tax preparation, reducing my cost to our CPA
Trained me on the basics of using QuickBooks

I would highly recommend Susan's services to anyone that needs their books maintained in an efficient, professional, and accurate manner.  In short, our growth and success in the last two years has a great deal to do with the foundation provided by Susan's services. 

Mark W. Peebler - It's All Good Companies

I have had my own accounting practice for the past 40 years.  I have offices in Texas and Arizona, with over 1900 clients nationwide.  I am used to working with professionals in referring those individuals to work with our clients. This is where Susan Commins comes in.  I started my Arizona office approximately 15 years ago in a town where I knew no one.  Susan's name kept coming up as the expert in the bookkeeping and business management field.  My practice in Arizona is primarily tax, so I was looking to team up with someone who could handle any type of bookkeeping situation with our clients.  I contacted Susan Commins, and she stepped up to the plate for us.


Susan proved to us, through our clients, that she is an expert in QuickBooks, business management, and bookkeeping.  She worked with clients ranging from those that are high maintenance to those who require no extra hand-holding.  Susan has proven herself with our clients to the point where she is the one who knows more than we do about their offices, and how they operate from the inside out.  Not only does she have the knowledge, but also the people skills and common sense necessary to provide the utmost service to our clients.  I highly recommend Susan for any bookkeeping, management, or QuickBooks position. 

Marc S. Sterling - President, Sterling's Bookkeeping & Tax Service


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